Ahsoka Episode 3 – Nobody Expects the Shin-ish Inquisition

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| September 1, 2023

Master and Padawan, back together again! Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) and Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) have been reunited and are searching for the last great leader of the fallen Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn. And maybe they’ll find their long-lost comrade, Jedi Knight Ezra Bridger, in the process.

They have tracked a hyperspace engine to a remote planet called Seatos. While the Master and Apprentice scout ahead, General Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) debriefs the New Republic Senate on the impending threat. 

But what could Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto) be building? And why are former Jedi Baylen Skoll (Ray Stevenson) and his apprentices helping her? 

All will be revealed in good time. I hope. 


Huyang (David Tennant) drills Sabine in basic lightsaber technique. She doesn’t do badly, but she does not do well. Huyang is truthful to a fault, crossing the line from critical to plain annoying. It’s her first attempt at this since she left Ahsoka’s tutelage! Give her a break, Huyang!


Ahsoka tells her pupil that it’s not enough to train the body. She has to train her mind. With that, she suggests a different type of training. 

Sabine dons a mask and plays a few rounds of whacking stick Marco Polo, with Ahsoka ninja-ing around her apprentice to misdirect her opponent. Sabine blocks a few shots before frustration takes over and begins to swing wildly. Ahsoka takes this opportunity to knock Sabine off balance and remind her to keep level-headed in a fight. 

We go again!

Politics Be Dumb

On Home One, Hera Syndulla debriefs a holo-Senate Council, including Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly). Hera states that Imperial Remnants were working in the factories on Corellia, but the majority of the Senate disregards her reports. There are former imperials at every level, reintegrated into society. The General quips that she must have been mistaken while dodging their blaster fire. It was almost an abuse of sarcasm.

Hera is bordering on anger. She seems to have a history with some of these Senators and their bullheadedness. She softens slightly when Mothma mentions Jacen (Evan Whitten), her son, and then continues the debriefing.

But…Democracy…and… Politics

Name drop: THRAWN! Hera requests funds for a task force to investigate Seatos, where a hyperspace engine has been absconded. The Senate, aside from Mon Mothma, all but laughed Hera out of the room. Thrawn is gone, most likely dead. This doomed request for an expedition is a ruse to continue Hera’s search for Ezra. Yadda, yadda, yadda, stupid politicians being stupid. 

When one Senator says that Ezra is also dead, Hera loses her cool. Before she can say anything too damaging to her career, Mon Mothma dismisses her so they can discuss her request. 

Hera leaves and is greeted by Jacen Syndulla. He’s heard Sabine is back in training to become a Jedi. Jacen would also like to train to be a Jedi, something Hera already knows deep down. He’s not ready. And neither is she. 

Let’s All Go to Seatos

Ahsoka massages Sabine’s ego, telling her she’s improved during today’s training. Sabine was hoping she would improve faster, knowing the monumental tasks they would face. And, since Huyang told her she was the worst candidate to become a Jedi ever, she needs to get cracking. 

Talent is a factor, but The Force resides in everyone and everything. All it takes is training and focus to be able to wield it. Ahsoka tells Sabine to start small, like a cup… but maybe Sabine should start smaller. She’s pretty awful at the moment. Sabine, zero; cup, one.

Yeaahhhhhh, not happening Sabine

Privately, Ahsoka admonishes Huyang for knocking Sabine’s self-confidence. It’s going to be hard enough without her doubting herself. Huyang says it’s for her own good, that she needs to know the enormity of the task to become a Jedi. Ah, but that’s where Huyang is wrong. Ahsoka is not a Jedi, and she does not need Sabine to become one, either. She just needs to be herself. 

RING RING. Hera calling! But it’s not good news. The New Republic has denied their request for reinforcements. Ahsoka and Sabine are on their own. Silly yet predictable from the stupid politicians!

As they approach Seatos, Huyang reads a large object on his scanners and suggests they drop out of hyperspace. 

Ambush III

Ambush. Again. These guys are getting ambushed a lot! As they approach Seatos, two squadrons of starfighters appear from nowhere to their rear. They are led by Baylen’s apprentices, Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno) and Marrok (Paul Darnell).

Pew, pew, pew! The fighters are hitting their marks. Sabine mans the turret. And misses. A lot. 

Ahsoka and Sabine finally start to communicate, and they get more joy, destroying one fighter. Sabine tells Ahsoka to swoop, so she swoops. Sabine tells Ahsoka to turn, and she turns, destroying two more ships. WHOOP WHOOP!

Pew Pew Pew

Morgan Elsbeth readies the Eye of Scion turbo lasers and orders Shin and Marrok to back off. It’s the opening that Ahsoka and Huyang need. Despite the constant fire of the turbo lasers, they press forward toward the Eye of Scion, attempting to complete their scan. Maybe then, they’ll be able to ascertain Morgan’s plans to retrieve Thrawn.

Turbulence to the maxcore. Scan complete. 


The shields fail, and they’re dead in the water. Huyang falls lifeless; he’s of no help, but at least we get a break from his incessant sassiness. Sabine needs to fix the ship before Shin and Marrok arrive to finish the job. Ahsoka tries to buy her some time. 


Ahsoka draws her sabers in open space and prepares for the incoming fly-by from the apprentices. The first volley hits the ship, but Ahsoka manages to deflect some of the blaster bolts. On the second run, she DESTROYS ONE OF THE SHIPS! She’s so freaking cool! 

That was just enough of a distraction to allow Sabine to fix the engines. Exit, stage Seatos.

What the WHAT?

Run & Hide

The planet’s atmosphere is misty. Zero percent visibility in areas. WOAH! What was that? Oh, it’s a Purrgil (massive space whale). No, it’s a whole pod of space whales! This is an opportunity! Sabine pilots the ship through Purrgil appendages, dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and dodging. They lose Marrok and Shin in the confusion. 

Ahsoka and Sabine fly to the planet’s surface, setting their craft down in the forest and turning off the power. Marrok and Shin accept temporary defeat and regroup with Baylen. 

Huyang awakens to report the results of his scan. The Eye of Scion is a hyperspace ring capable of boosting a ship across galaxies. These types of rings were used a long time ago by the ancestors and mimicked Purrgil migration paths.

The Purrgil were the ones that took Thrawn and Ezra all that time ago. This is a solid lead!

Baylen orders his minions to hunt for the trespassing Jedi. The odds are stacked against our heroes.



Why are politicians so stupid? Why they be like, “No, you’re lying,” when it’s coming from trusted folks who helped to liberate the galaxy? Something fishy is going on. Imperial scum have obviously infiltrated the Senate. Or they’re just as thick as two short planks

I’m glad the story is evolving and answering some of the questions that arose from the opening two episodes. I wondered how there was a map to where Thrawn was taken, but this episode explains that the ancestors had built pathways across galaxies that followed Purrgil migration paths. The same Purrgil that dragged Thrawn and Ezra through space. The only question I have is: How did they know the map was there?  

The space battle was cool, showing off Ahsoka and Sabine’s growing relationship and also being a decent action sequence. The trust between the once estranged Master and Padawan is increasing, and so is their efficiency. And let’s talk about how ridiculous yet satisfying it was to see Ahsoka destroy a ship while spacewalking. INSANELY COOL. 

This show has not disappointed so far. I hope it continues this level of storytelling throughout the series because this cast of characters deserves the best. 

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