Create and contribute for couchsoup!

What's that? You have a really cool dope as hell idea for a show or article on CouchSoup? Well alright then let's get going. Here are a few things you should know about how pitching ideas works and what the future as a contributor looks like.

What is a Contributor?

Contributors are folks who write long form and short form content for CouchSoup. These people are plugged into pop-culture and have a passion to let their voices heard on a particular subject via some powerful words and some headstrong research.

What is a creator?

Creators are folks who create an on going video or podcast series for CouchSoup. These are people who pitch an amazing idea and have the ability to execute that content on a timely basis over the course of a year or more.

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How Can I become a Contributor or Creator?

We do have some criteria for both Contributors and Creators. But first and foremost you'll need the passion to write or create and a willingness to work with the producers and editors who will oversee and provide feedback for all content that CouchSoup releases.

With that out of the way...

But Wait!

Do you pay your Contributors and Creators?

Yes and No. No, we don't pay a flat rate per article or per video. We instead offer two ways to make it worthwhile.

  1. Investment - Only for the first 30 Contributors and 10 Creators that are approved to create content and after a year of publishing content on a consistent basis. Creators and Contributors will receive 2000 shares of the company each. (rules and restrictions apply) As CouchSoup grows in valuation so does the value of these shares and if and when CouchSoup is sold or bought you will receive dividends on the value of those shares.
  2. Free Membership - Each Contributor and Creator will receive a free $25 membership to CouchSoup as long as they are actively contributing. 
  3. Sponsorships - When we bring sponsors to Creators they will receive a negotiated portion of the sponsorship deal. CouchSoup manages the outreach, sales pitch, negotiation, and details of each sponsorship. The Creator has the right to pass on any sponsorship deals we bring to the table.


What does a contributor have to do?

Contributors should:

- Have experience in creating written or visual content for websites ***OR*** be willing to develop that skill set with coaching and direction from curators

- Strive to submit at least 1-2 pieces of long form (1000 words or more) content every 4 weeks. Or 8-12 pieces of short form (under 500 words) content every 4 weeks.

- Work cooperatively with our community curators and editors using our tools and contributor workflow

- Regularly monitor email, and respond promptly to emails from the Senior Editors and Drew

- Attend occasional contributors meetings led by the Senior Editors or Drew

- Engage positively with people who comment on their content

Do contributors work for CouchSoup?

No. Contributors are unpaid volunteers from the community and are neither employees nor contractors of CouchSoup.

What type of ideas are you looking for from Creators?

Things we will be looking for in your pitch:

1. A clear passion for making content.
2. A focused idea that has a unique approach that will stand out from other content in your genre.
3. Someone who has strong opinions and can voice those opinions in an entertaining or humorous way.
4. The ability to deliver a final product in a timely and consistent manner.

Who decides if my show idea or article is good enough for CouchSoup?

Great question. We have a team of talented award-winning folks who will read every word and watch every minute of any examples you send before giving actionable feedback on how to make your idea better. Rarely is your first idea the best idea, so we will help you craft your idea until we think it's ready to air or be published on CouchSoup. We are about collaboration, not criticism.
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