Andor Episode 7: Shadows of Aldhani

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| October 21, 2022

Another episode of Star Wars: Andor landed this week, and it’s got my inner fanboy jumping for joy. Titled “Announcement,” this episode focuses on the fallout of the heist. Aside from that, plot lines that took a week off are back in full force and provide some intriguing story beats and fun references. We also begin to see where the next arc will take Cassian, as he tries to move on from all that crazy rebel talk.

When I sat down to watch the episode, I was immediately disappointed: Syril is back. The episode starts with him, still sulking at his Mum’s house, but getting ready for a job interview now. The only redeeming part of this was the way his Mum roasts the absolute hell out of him. I mean, he was downright murdered, so that made me happy at least. The episode made up for the return of Syril with the return of WULLF YULAREN!!! It did take me a while to realise who was talking to the Imperial officials, however, once I saw that glorious moustache, it clicked. The first live-action appearance of Yularen since Star Wars: A New Hope easily made up for starting with that loser Syril. (Granted, Syril does end up getting one of the most boring-looking jobs in the galaxy, so there is some justice in that.)

Colonel Wullf Yularen stands in front of a large Imperial logo. He is dressed in a white Imperial Officer uniform.
Oh how I’ve missed that moustache. (Lucasfilm)

All right, enough excitement over old Republic heroes, let’s get into the premise of “Announcement.” After the heist last week that went off without a hitch (as long as you don’t count almost every member of your crew dying as a bad thing), the Empire has decided to crack down on these rebel groups. And how are they going to do this you might ask? By extending prison sentences for minor offences to multiple years (just a tad overkill). This does allow for the members of the ISB to request any information they want, though, and Imperial officer Dedra Meero plans to take advantage of that.

Cassian also decides to head back to Ferrix and finds it a much bleaker place. It’s not all bad, though: he is able to reunite with his adoptive mother, Maarva, who doesn’t want to flee the planet with him, and he sees his mechanic friend, Bix, who wants nothing to do with him. On second thought, maybe it is all bad. He even has a little PTSD flashback about the death of his adoptive father, Clem, thanks to hearing the stormtroopers walking the streets. This did let us see some more live-action Republic-era clone troopers, though, so it’s all good.

A group of Republic-era clone troopers turns around and readies their blasters whilst an officer in black commands them.
Gotta love seeing these guys, even if they’re dicks now. (Lucasfilm)

Given that this episode is the start of another arc, it feels a lot like Episode 4: a bit slower, but setting up a lot of things. We get a new development in almost every storyline that has been introduced so far. There’s Syril’s plot, which I touched on before (and I won’t waste any more words on him), and Mon Mothma’s plan to try and gather more supporters for her goals. The ISB rivalries are heating up, and Luthen is still just chilling in his shop with that ugly hair (still don’t trust him). There’s also a chance that, in the next few episodes, we might be seeing how Cassian and K-2SO finally meet and become the best of buddies (at least I think they become best of buddies).

Cassian is looking up at an Imperial security droid with a coastal defender stormtrooper walking off to the right.
The beginning of a beautiful friendship. (Lucasfilm)

Andor Episode 6, “Announcements,” is another great episode. Even though it’s slow-paced, the plot progression and the characters are still interesting enough to keep me engaged and excited. The references and nods to other Star Wars media are always appreciated and make my inner fanboy so happy. I can’t wait to see how the second half of the season plays out.

Have you seen Episode 6 of Andor? What did you think? Do you also think that Luthen will betray everyone and die in the process? Let us know in the comments below and we can continue to rave about that fabulous Yularen moustache.

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