Don’t Sleep on Bofuri!

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| March 11, 2023

Do you like video games? Do you like overpowered characters? Do you like cute anime girls doing cute anime things? If you said yes to any of these, you should be watching Bofuri now. In my unbiased opinion, Bofuri is one of the best shows you can watch during this anime season. With the first season already out and a second season airing right now, you have no excuse. But I’m getting ahead of myself; if you’re new to Bofuri, I should tell you why you must watch this amazingly cute series.

Bofuri is a series about a group of friends playing an online MMO in virtual reality (like Sword Art Online, but without the whole death game thing). The main gimmick of this series isn’t the virtual reality MMO; it’s the overpowered main character, Maple. Not wanting to take any damage, the newbie Maple puts all her stat points into defense and proceeds to destroy the balance of the game. What follows is the innocent and carefree Maple unintentionally acquiring broken skills and abilities and becoming a legend within the game. Alongside her friends, Maple, and her guild Maple Tree, set out to have as much fun as possible.

Piggyback rides are fun no matter what. (Silver Link/Kadokawa/Yuumikan & Koin)

The characters are the best part of Bofuri, thanks to the fact they’re all overpowered in some way. I already mentioned the always cheerful Maple with her maxed defence, but did you know she has a pet turtle? Yes, Maple has a pet turtle called Syrup (get it, like maple syrup) that helps her in fights. She can also make the little guy grow into a giant turtle that can fly. Then there’s her best friend Sally, who focuses on agility and dodging instead of maxing out her defence. Sally also has a pet fox named Oboro who helps with sneaking around and burning people and monsters alive.  There are also other characters, such as the samurai Kasumi, the crafter Iz, and the twin sisters Yui and Mai, who both maxed out their strength. I wish I could talk about them all, but I’ll leave some surprises for when you watch the show.

Giant floating turtle, the only way to travel. (Silver Link/Kadokawa/Yuumikan & Koin)

I wasn’t exaggerating before when I said this series is amazingly cute because it’s one of the most adorable shows you’ll ever watch. The character designs all have a certain charm that makes them a joy to witness. You’ve got Maple in her red and black armor, Sally in her blue swashbuckler threads, and the twins Yui and Mai in matching outfits. You also have the monster designs, which are both cute and terrifying. One moment you’ll be greeted by a low-level bunny; the next, a poison hydra. The contrast between the cute characters and menacing monsters helps make each of them stand out more than they already do. Throw in some catchy music, and you’ll be left with a happy feeling as you watch Maple slowly eat a hydra to death (don’t worry about it).

Onwards to destruction. (Silver Link/Kadokawa/Yuumikan & Koin)

Bofuri is an absolute must-watch for everyone. The adorable characters, chill plot, and absurd situations make it an easy and fun watch. The only bad thing I could ever say about this series is that there aren’t enough episodes. But I can’t even say that anymore because season 2 is airing right now on Crunchyroll and Funimation. So, what are you still doing here? Go to either of those sites, binge season 1, and then get caught up on season 2. Trust me, you don’t want to miss an episode of this amazingly cute series.

Have you watched Bofuri yet? Are you interested in it? Let us know in the comments below where we can talk about more anime that doesn’t get enough love.

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