Loki Season 2 Episode 1: Past, Present, and Future

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| October 10, 2023

Loki Season 2 is finally here, and boy, howdy, what a first episode. Being the first of the Marvel Disney+ series to get a season 2, I was a bit skeptical about how things would pan out. But based on this first episode, they haven’t missed a beat. The story, characters, and production quality in general of “Ouroboros” have made me invested in a Disney+ MCU series for the first time in a while. But if you were like me and needed some convincing to dive back into Loki, let’s get into the Episode 1 breakdown.

Previously On

Loki is looking to his left and has a concerned look on his face. TVA Agents can be seen behind him and they are in a hallway with a wall of windows.
Poor Loki, he’s so sad. (Disney)

The season finale of Loki Season 1 left most of us excited and confused. With Mobius not recognising Loki and Kang’s everywhere, I was curious to see where they would follow on from in Season 2. I’m happy to report that they’ve continued the story in the best way possible. After a recap of Season 1 (which I’m very thankful for because I had forgotten some parts), we get the continuation from the end of last season. Loki is frantically running through the TVA, trying to figure out what’s happening. After a quick skydiving experience into a flying truck and an unscheduled stop, Loki finds another familiar face. Unfortunately, they also don’t remember Loki, which is okay because Loki disappears shortly after.

This is where we get the reveal that Loki is traveling between the past and the present, which explains Mobius not recognising him earlier on. Trying to solve this little problem becomes the episode’s main focus, and it does an excellent job of easing you back into these characters and settings. I enjoyed the story progression in the episode, and it was perfect for getting reacquainted with these old favourites and even a newcomer or two.

Friends Reunited

O. B. is standing behind his desk. He is wearing a brown and green TVA uniform. He is surrounded by a variety objects in various states of disrepair.
He must be protected. (Disney)

Just like Season 1, the cast of Loki put in excellent performances. Tom Hiddleston as Loki is always a delight to watch. Seeing Loki in a panic-induced frenzy as he runs around looking for answers was very entertaining. Then you add in Owen Wilson as Mobius being just as charismatic as in Season 1, and we’ve got our favourite time buddy cop duo back again. Their dynamic was my favourite part of Season 1, and I’m so happy that they didn’t have to redevelop their relationship for several episodes. Aside from the best buddy cop duo in this timeline, we were also introduced to one of my new favourite characters, Ouroboros, or O. B. for short.

Ouroboros works for the TVA in their Repairs and Advancement department and is the best part of this episode. Ke Huy Quan kills it in this role, making me laugh multiple times. Everything from his line delivery to his body language was top-notch. I hope he’s in the rest of the season because it would be a crime not to see O. B. work with Mobius and Loki again. My enjoyment of these characters was only enhanced by the stellar production quality of this first episode.

The 80’s Never Go Out Of Style

Mobius is standing next to a dusty computer. A device is leaning against the computer and Mobius is writing the word skin with the dust.
When I’m told not to touch stuff. (Disney)

One of the strong points of Loki Season 1 was undoubtedly the level of quality throughout the production, and Season 2 maintains the same level. The sets, the costumes, the visual effects, and the music are still some of the best from the MCU series. The camera work has also seen a drastic improvement, with some scenes looking like one long take (if they’ve covered the cuts well, they’re wizards). The music was stressful and funny at the correct times and further invested me in the episode. A standout to me was the bulky suit that Mobius ended up in during the episode’s final moments. I’m not going to spoil why he’s in this massive suit, but I will say he looks like a Teletubbie without the screen (which is still amazing).

Loki is in a conference room that has a wall decorated with Kang's face. A triangle desk is in the centre of the room.
That’s a lot of Kangs. (Disney)

Episode 1 of Loki Season 2 was just what the series needed to get people interested again. The way the story picks up right where Season 1 ended was the right decision to keep the momentum going. Loki and Mobius are always great together, and the newly introduced O. B. has the potential to be one of my favourite characters in the MCU. This is a promising start, and while I’ll keep my expectations in check, I’m excited to see where they go from here.

Have you started the new season of Loki? What did you think? Who’s your favourite character? Let us know in the comments where we can talk about all things Loki.

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