Are We Actually Having This Conversation? | TRP #73

DATE: 12/16/20
By Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath and Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

On this week’s TRP, We discuss our first impressions of the much anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 as well as some of the glitches around that game. We discuss the Game Awards and The Last of Us Part 2s clean sweep of awards. There were some cool announcements made as well, including The Callisto Protocol, a new NPG (Not Pagan Game) that looks super scary. We ramp things up talking about The Walking Dead and guest appearance on Retro Replay by Ross Marquand.

Dan’s Favorites Bits

  • “Why isn’t it just an 18 inch penis”
  • Todd and Liam appreciate the Xbox.
  • Find us, under podcast. Major hint!
  • The Game Awards had some Pros and Cons. I’m salty that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was not a bigger contender.
  • Very excited for a new survival horror game from the creators of Dead Space.

Pagan’s Favorite Bits

  • Ross Marquand is basically everyone and can do impressions of them all! His John Malkovich and Brad Pitt impressions were incredible! 
  • PS5 unboxing by Liam and Todd gets a little saucy and puts the red in Pagan’s cheeks this week! 
  • I don’t completely agree with some of the award winner choices for the Game Awards this year. Particularly in Narrative and Action/Adventure! What do you guys think? Did you agree with the award winner choices? 
  • We’re now on the Retro Replay Website! WOW! Find us under their official Podcast tab on their brand new shiny website!


HOST: Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris & Pagan McGrath

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