Are We Ready For The Next Battle? | TRP 131

DATE: 08/12/22
By Dan Morris and Dan Morris

Are we ready for the next battle? Nintendo gave us a deep dive into the family-friendly competitive game about squid kids battling for dominance in Splatoon 3. We can finally talk about Stray, and what we liked and didn’t like about the cyberpunk catformer. Finally, we look at the teaser at the end of the Tekken EVO announcement and ponder whether or not we are getting a new Tekken game. Find out on this exciting episode of the Replayer Podcast.

Be sure to read Maria’s review on Stray  Please let us know if you like and play Splatoon, no seriously we want to know. I need people to play with. Have you been punching devils in wait for a new Tekken? What would you like from a new game?

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HOST: Dan Morris
FEATURING: Maria Kinnun, Patrick Sutherland, Erika Aundawyn
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