Ghost Stabbies and a Sad Announcement | TRP: Ep 122

DATE: 06/01/22
By Dan Morris + Pagan McGrath and Dan Morris

Dan’s take :

After a ghost-stabbing-filled discussion about PlayStation 1 games coming to PlayStation’s new premium subscription service, we reveal Pagan’s departure from the Replayer Podcast. 


We go on a massive rollercoaster of tangents that needs to be heard to believe from random Crash Bandicoot and Blix the Timesweeper to what it’s like playing a PS2 shooter. 

It is with a heavy heart that Pagan has decided to leave the Replayer podcast after almost 3 amazing years of podcasting and working together. Pagan and I will continue to work together and make content, but the show must go on. I will be assuming full control of the podcast moving forward.

Pagan’s take :

So in relation to the PS classics getting trophy support, I think that’s going to be so great for any players that have extreme nostalgia with certain games like Siphon Filter. But I definitely think the addition of PS classics to PlayStation plus will mostly be for the gamers who have nostalgia with those games, and feel that it’s probably only going to appeal to very few games for that retro element, and prompt those gamers to dive into a classic they’ve never played before. I think if it’s a well-known title, maybe someone who has never played it before, will venture in and press start. But other than that, I don’t see modern gamers going through the struggle of the mechanics of any lesser-known classic games just for shits and giggles. I think it’s a great addition for nostalgic players or content creators but I don’t think that the simple addition of trophies would entice a modern gamer to pick up a ps 1 classic game they’ve never played before. But hey, maybe that’s just me! 


Now to the more, I’m juicier announcement. 


It’s with both sadness and contentedness that I will be stepping away from the Podcast after almost 3 years. I’m sad to see the journey end for me here but I’m happy to leave it in the safe and capable hands of Dan who has been my partner in this for so long. 

I’m always happy to continue to be invited as a guest on the show, but I’ll no longer be a co-host or producer of the show. :’(


It’s been a wonderful few years but I have to give full credit where credit is due, to my co-host Dan. Dan has been running this show for a long time now and I’m stepping away to give Dan full credit and reigns for this show. This won’t affect our relationship with Couch Soup, and it won’t affect our working relationship as I’m certain we will make more content in the future. I wish the show every success and am so happy to come back on as a guest in the future, but it’s time for me to step away and hand all reigns to Dan. 🙂


We’ve achieved so much in our time on the Replayer podcast together, there have been some heated moments and some hilarious moments too! And of course our goal of being recognized by the Retro Replay/Couch Soup channel, to have had Drew on the show, the whole of the incredible Couch Soup team, and of course the wonderful Nolan North.

It’s been an incredible journey and I wish Dan and everyone on this podcast every success, and you can’t get rid of me completely, but this is Dan’s show now, and I fully support that.


As I said in the podcast, I’m not stepping away from Couch Soup or as Community manager or anything, this is just a moment for me to step away from The Replayer Podcast to give myself further time and freedom to develop creatively. 


It’s been a blast and you certainly won’t be completely rid of me that easy! Thank you to all the listeners and subscribers of this podcast for everything, to every guest for coming on the show, for every bit of engagement we’ve had on socials and YouTube and podcast platforms, I thank you all so so much for everything. You’ve made some of my greatest dreams come true and I’ll be forever grateful. 


Until next we meet again! 


Game over folks ✌🏻

Podcast Moments

Corporate speak from Xbox twitter
First Strike
Listen Phil Spencer
We are writing this right

Are you excited for PS1 games with Trophies? Do you want original Xbox games to get Achievements?

To hear our thoughts on the upcoming Gollum game find the bonus clip on The Replayer Podcast YouTube channel.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

HOST: Dan Morris + Pagan McGrath
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris

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