Glorious Burden – Season 2 Breakdown | Watching Now: Loki

DATE: 11/14/23
By Lily K and Drew Lewis & PJ Haarsma

Loki Season 2 has officially ended with the episode “Glorious Purpose”, and what a wild ride it was! Join Couch Soup contributors Lily K, Thomas Richards, Erika Aundawyn, and Iain McParland for a Watching Now special, discussing the series’ ups and downs. Did the Loki series end satisfyingly or did it leave us gasping for more? What did they think of series newcomers? How about that character development: undercooked or jusssstttt right? And what does it all mean for the overarching MCU?

Watching Now: Loki Special is a Watching Now podcast special from Couch Soup. Join us for reactions, reviews, and excitement about all things Loki. Whether you’re a MCU expert or a comic book noob, join us for some laughs and ultra-nerdy discussion!

Lily K
Thomas Richards
Iain McParland
Erika Aundawyn

Editor: Lily K
Executive Producers: PJ Haarmsa & Drew Lewis

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Original Music: “Loki Green Theme” by Natalie Holt
Arranged By John G.
BPM: 127 4/4

HOST: Lily K
FEATURING: Thomas Richards, Iain McParland, & Erika Aundawyn
PRODUCER:  Drew Lewis & PJ Haarsma

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