Hang Time’s Shaun Bolen Hangs with The Replayer Podcast | TRP: Ep 116

DATE: 03/09/22
By Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire and Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire

Hang Time owner and CEO Shaun Bolen pops by the podcast to chat about games, streaming, content creation, and loving dogs. Shaun was a part of Screw Attack and Game Attack and has now launched a new channel and platform called HangTime.


Dan’s take :

Shaun joins us for a very chill chat about growing up with games, what it was like spending your allowance on that one new game. Going real deep into the Last of Us as well as why it is so good to watch scaredy cats play survival horror games and to belittle your friends when they struggle to solve puzzles in Limbo.

It was an excellent chat and an amazing hang, so be sure to check out Shaun’s endeavors with his channel Hang Time and read Rohan’s interview with Shaun on the site.


Pagan’s take : 

In this episode, we sit down with Shaun Bolen, content creator, and entrepreneur to discuss, well EVERYTHING! War on Tiktok, How to grow your channel, content creation, and The Last of Us 2… it’s all in here! 

It was wonderful to sit down with Shaun and chill, discuss current events and favorite gaming experiences and pick his brain as a content creator and entrepreneur! 

(*For the sake of time, the audio version of the podcast has been edited down, check out the Replayer podcast YouTube for the bits that were cut)

Podcast Moments – Pics for our visual listeners

I’m not that special
*Sarcastic “I hate him”
Shaun wants Dan’s dog
That Last of us opening tho


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HOST: Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire
FEATURING: Shaun Bolen
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire

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