Hogwarts Hype! | TRP: Ep 118

DATE: 04/06/22
By Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire and Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire

Hogwarts Legacy Is Coming! We got a full gameplay preview of the much anticipated Hogwarts Legacy game set in the Harry Potter universe. Michelle joins us fellow Potterheads to nerd about Hogwarts Legacy and discussion about theories and predictions about the game set to release later this year. We also mention the newly announced Playstation Plus tiers that will roll PS Now into a subscription service with PS Plus, similar to Xbox’s Game Pass.


Dan’s take :

As the resident late comer fan of HP, I don’t have as much knowledge as Pagan and Michelle. I am no less excited to play a strong narrative-based action-adventure RPG like Hogwarts Legacy. I have known about this game for several years and I was very pleased with what we have seen so far. I am especially excited about housing and caring for fantastic beasts, in your own customizable space.


After reading all the HP books I have always wanted an experience that really goes deep into that world and it looks like we will finally have it when this game drops hopefully this holiday…hopefully.


Pagan’s take : 

Listen, I am HERE FOR THIS GAME. I have been thinking about this game ever since it was teased, and now that we’ve had this extended look, I just can’t wait! This game looks to be everything I’ve ever wanted from a Wizarding World game! I love the practical applications of Herbology and Potions, the Room of Requirement looks so fantastic and actually taming some Fantastic Beasts?!! Yeah, I’m in. Avalanche Software, shut up and take my money.  


Do you like the wizarding world? Are you as excited for this new game set in the Harry Potter universe as us?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


HOST: Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire
FEATURING: Michelle Holstine
PRODUCER:  Dan Morris + Pagan McGuire

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