Watching Now: The Last of Us | Episode 7 breakdown

DATE: 02/28/23
By Lily K, Erika Aundawyn and Nick McKay and Stephanie Judge

Left Behind is the action this week… oh, and also the title for episode 7. A sweet and cute little love story that hits almost all of its angsty, teen-romance marks but at what cost? There were some very divided opinions on this week’s podcast so come on in and join the conversation, we can be all poetic about it and just lose our minds together.

Ashley Johnson’s interview with Greg Miller on Up At Noon (Spoilers for the ending of The Last of Us after 10 mins into the video, you have been warned):

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Lily K
Erika Aundawyn
Nick McKay

Edited by Lily K
Produced by Stephanie Judge
Executive Produced by PJ Haarmsa & Drew Lewis

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HOST: Lily K, Erika Aundawyn and Nick McKay
PRODUCER:  Stephanie Judge

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