Reasons to Watch Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Right Now!

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| August 10, 2023

It’s no secret that Horimiya is one of my favourite series (I wrote an article about that here). I fell in love with the characters, story, and animation within seconds of starting the first episode. So, it’s no surprise that I was disappointed after the series ended with episode 13 in 2021. I wanted to see more of these characters. I wanted to see them grow closer. I wanted to see them have more fun adventures. And now, after two years of waiting, this amazing series is back. Horimiya: The Missing Pieces covers parts of the manga that weren’t adapted into the first season, and I’m so excited I just have to talk about it. Here are four reasons you need to be watching Horimiya: The Missing Pieces this anime season.

More Time With The Characters

Just three bros chilling in a room. (Cloverworks/Square Enix/Hero)

My favourite part of Horimiya was, without a doubt, the characters. Each one of them was unique, interesting, and, most importantly, hilarious. You had the main group of Hori, Miyamura, Ishikawa, and Yoshikawa, who never failed to make me laugh. You also had the student council and all the other friends that popped up along the way. Seeing them again in The Missing Pieces is a treat for anyone, regardless of whether they’ve seen season one. These additional 13 episodes will make you fall in love with these characters even more.

Even More Character Development

Aww, look at these two. (Cloverworks/Square Enix/Hero)

Being only 13 episodes, the original series had to pack 16 volumes of content and character development into so few episodes. Now, with The Missing Pieces, we get the rest of the outstanding character development. Even though the series is still airing, we’ve already gotten so much of that good shit. So far, we’ve had the deepening of Ishikawa and Miyamura’s friendship, Miyamura showing his jealous side, and Sakura has overcome some self-confidence issues. And there’s bound to be even more before the season ends.

All New Situations

What could go wrong? (Cloverworks/Square Enix/Hero)

Having more episodes means we get to see this lovable cast in a whole bunch of new situations. Seeing the gang take a school trip to Kyoto? Hilarious. Watching Sakura help Sengoku and Remy cook? Priceless. Having everyone participate in sports day even if they hate it? Strangely heartfelt. The Missing Pieces allows us to see how these characters react to these new situations. One of the funniest has to be Miyamura and Sengoku getting out of swimming. I won’t spoil it here, but I wonder how they come up with this stuff.

It’s More Horimiya

Poor Miyamura. (Cloverworks/Square Enix/Hero)

At the end of the day, it’s more Horimiya. It’s another chance to spend time with these characters. More opportunities to see them grow and change. And so many new situations and events for the gang to experience. It’s also nice to get the rest of the manga adapted this time. Horimiya is very episodic by nature, so if one or two arcs are omitted, it’s not too bad. But being able to see these omitted parts finally animated does put a smile on my face. I’m biased because I’m a huge fan, but I assure you that you’ll be clamouring for more when you finish the first season. And that’s just what The Missing Pieces provides.

And there you have four reasons why you should be watching Horimiya: The Missing Pieces right now. In fact, watch season one as well. I give the official Couch Soup guarantee that you’ll have an absolute blast from start to finish. You can watch all of season one and new episodes of The Missing Pieces in sub and dub on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Have you watched Horimiya: The Missing Pieces? What did you think? Who’s your favourite character? Let us know in the comments so we can all be excited that Horimiya is back, baby! 

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