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The Scaredy-Cat Club Presents: 3 Spooktacular Movies!

Shana recommends movies that have more spirit than scare, in preparation for the spooky season.

Excitement Builds With the September 2023 State of Play

A new State of Play is here, and there’s something for everyone. Join Thomas Richards as he breaks down the latest news from the September 2023 State of Play.

Why Do People Speak In Movie Quotes?

Movie quotes. We all have our favorites. But why do some people speak in movie quotes, and what does that say about them? Join Brandy as she shares some of her favorite movie quotes of all time and dives into the WHY!

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Reviewing Reviews: Making Sense of the Madness

Are you struggling to make sense of review scores? Here are some great tips to help sift through the noise and find your truth within the chaos of review score aggregators! It’s just the thing you’ll need with The Game Awards and Oscars fast approaching.
by Iain McParlandNovember 22, 2023
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