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by Shana MartinOctober 1, 2023

The Scaredy-Cat Club Presents: 3 Fang-tastic Vampire Movies!

by Art of Lily KJuly 25, 2023

Barbenheimer – The Double Bill Review

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by Iain McParlandNovember 22, 2023

Reviewing Reviews: Making Sense of the Madness

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Reviewing Reviews: Making Sense of the Madness

Are you struggling to make sense of review scores? Here are some great tips to help sift through the noise and find your truth within the chaos of review score aggregators! It’s just the thing you’ll need with The Game Awards and Oscars fast approaching.
by Iain McParlandNovember 22, 2023

Why Star Wars Needs to Move Away from the Skywalkers

Is Anakin Skywalker required for the future of Star Wars storytelling? Let's talk about the reasons why we should be moving away from the Skywalkers.
by Tim BeisiegelNovember 21, 2023

10 GenX Holiday Films to Enjoy This Holiday Season

Every year, there are new Holiday films, and Hallmark has a whole channel for them. But the best Holiday films were when GenX was young. Join Charlotte and fellow GenXers for their favorite holiday movies!
by Charlotte MerrittNovember 20, 2023

The Marvels Proves Marvel’s Resilience Amidst Controversy and Cat-astrophes!

Every studio has its ups and downs, but there’s nothing people like more than to hate on one for its apparent “downfall”. Marvel is the latest greatest victim of this trend, and it got even stronger with the release of The Marvels. Let’s find out if this hate train is deserved or not.
by Art of Lily KNovember 14, 2023

Hayseed – A Whodunnit Mystery

Looking for a great whodunnit mystery? Check out Hayseed! A local church congregation's reverend is found dead. Was it a terrible accident or was it murder? The unfortunate fate of the reverend upsets a small Midwestern American town as the investigator tries to sift fact from fiction.
by Candace BissonetteNovember 8, 2023

Blue Beetle Review: A Rollercoaster of Emotion, Action, and Family Bonds

Another superhero origin story from DC is here, but is it any good? Join Thomas Richards as he shares his thoughts on the latest outing from DC, Blue Beetle.
by Thomas RichardsNovember 4, 2023

Five Nights at Freddy’s Review: From Indie Game to Hollywood Film

After waiting eight years, Five Nights at Freddy’s is finally here, but was it worth the wait? Join Thomas Richards as he gives his thoughts on this long awaited video game movie adaptation.
by Thomas RichardsNovember 1, 2023

Totally Killer is Totally Rad: A Comedy Slasher With a Twist!

If you’re a-hankering for a slasher-horror-time-traveling-comedy, then Iain has the movie for you. Here’s his review of the new Blumhouse and Amazon Prime Video release, Totally Killer.
by Iain McParlandOctober 25, 2023

The Scaredy-Cat Club Presents: 3 Movies With Monstrous Mashups!

Shana recommends these films with monster mashups to crack you up during the spooky season.
by Shana MartinOctober 22, 2023

The Scaredy-Cat Club Presents: 3 Insane Movies With Mad Scientists!

Shana shares her favorite mad scientist movies that drive you insane with laughter in preparation for the spooky season.
by Shana MartinOctober 19, 2023
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TGA Nomination Reactions | Screen Smash Bonus Episode

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