The Exhibitors and Panels for PAX Aus 2023 Have Been Locked In

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| September 23, 2023

PAX Aus 2023 is almost here. The annual Australian gaming event is only a few weeks away, and the exhibitors and panels have been locked in. This year marks the show’s tenth anniversary, and they’ve made sure that it’ll be a PAX to remember. Previously announced exhibitors are being joined by PAX staples and some exciting indie developers making their first appearance at PAX Aus. Whatever your poison, there is bound to be a booth that catches your eye. Besides the exhibitors, the massive amount of excellent diverse panels will ensure you’ll never be bored the entire weekend.

Exhibitor Overload

That’s a lot of computers. (PAX Aus)

Over the past few months, some high-profile names have been announced for PAX Aus. Companies such as Nintendo, SEGA, and Bethesda are undoubtedly the most prominent names, but some of these newer announcements might surprise you. Like every year, companies such as the Republic of Gamers and Corsair will be at the show in full for all your PC needs (and some free merch). Tabletop gamers will also be spoiled for choice with stores like Good Games and new indie games such as Aethermoon to keep you busy all weekend. The Academy of Interactive Entertainment, RMIT, and Swinburne will also attend, showing off the next generation of Aussie-developed games. There are even stores like Animeworks and Kings Comics if you want to get some hard-to-find collectibles.

A Panel for Everyone

Listening intently. (PAX Aus)

One of the best things to do at PAX Aus is to check out some of the fantastic panels running every day of the event. There’s always a wide variety of panels, each having their niche, so everyone will find one that interests them. This year is no different. PAX Aus 2023 has a wealth of exciting panels and shows planned for the weekend. Of course, Storytime speaker Erika Ishii will have her panel at 12 p.m. on Friday. There’s also the Penny Arcade Q&A at 1 p.m., which is always a blast. You’ll also be able to meet and greet some of the special guests attending, with Ben Prendergast and Jenny Yokobori available throughout the weekend. Speedrunning will also be on full display, kicking off with a speedrun of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Future Redeemed.

Contributor Reactions

Freaking adorable. (XSEED Games)

Tom: With PAX Aus 2023 almost here, I can barely contain my excitement. I’m looking forward to playing all these incredible games and listening to all the entertaining panels. Outside of the major exhibitors, I’m most excited to check out the indie game Cuisineer. I saw the game last year but didn’t get to play it, so I hope to have better luck this year. Another exhibitor that caught my eye was an indie tabletop RPG called Cloudbreaker Alliance. The game’s easy-to-pick-up-and-play nature has interested me, mainly because I’m not all that experienced with tabletop RPGs. In terms of panels, besides the big ones, such as the Penny Arcade Q&A, the Beyond Button-mashing: Neurodivergence and Gaming panel looks like a fun time. How to Master OBS: With a Vengeance also seems like an exciting panel as it dives into the technology behind streaming.

Rohan: Like my colleague, each day that we get closer to PAX the more excitement leaks out of me. I’m almost a bag full of dust and wagon wheels at this stage. The panels look intriguing and the games have me drooling from anticipation. I’m looking forward to visiting the Devolver Digital and Drop Bear Bytes booths in the Expo Hall to see what these indie devs have been cooking up for us. The Penny Arcade Q&A is one I’ll be checking out for sure as well as the Omegathon 10 Year Battle Royale because there’s nothing I love more than battles to the death… as a spectator of course.

And you get a prize. (PAX Aus)

Those were some of the highlights of the exhibitors and panels coming to PAX Aus 2023. You can check out the full list of exhibitors here and the full panel schedule here. With PAX Aus 2023 so close, it’s hard to contain the excitement. Only a little longer now.

Are you heading to PAX Aus 2023? What games do you want to try? Do any panels catch your eye? Let us know in the comments where we can all get excited for PAX Aus 2023!

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