Ahsoka Prep Notes: A Grab Bag of Other Good Things to Know

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| August 22, 2023

Star Wars: Ahsoka is upon us, and this is the final installment in my Ahsoka Prep Notes series! These are Couch Soup’s version of CliffsNotes for all the Star Wars people and things you may want to know before watching Ahsoka. So far, I’ve covered characters and ships from the animated series Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars for those who haven’t watched or need a refresher. Before getting into the final “grab bag” of notes, here’s a rundown of what I’ve covered so far:

First in the grab bag are some other people and things we know for certain that we’ll see in Ahsoka.


Huyang in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (left) and in Star Wars: Ahoska (right). (Lucasfilm)

Huyang is a droid introduced in The Clone Wars, voiced by David Tennant. He’s most known for accompanying Jedi younglings to the ice planet Ilum to find their first kyber crystals and instructing them on building their lightsabers. He served the Jedi Order in this capacity for centuries before the order was wiped out. Tennant is reprising his role as Ahsoka brings Huyang into live action.


Former Sith Inquisitor Marrok wields a double-bladed saber in combat during Star Wars: Ahsoka. (Lucasfilm)

Sith Inquisitors made their live action appearance in Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, but they debuted in Rebels as an order of dark side Force users directly serving Darth Vader. Vader tasked them with hunting down Republic remnants and Force users not yet loyal to the Empire. Inquisitors occasionally tried to recruit their prey to join the Inquisitorius and serve the Empire. Ahsoka trailers and the Star Wars website reveal the series has a former Sith Inquisitor character named Marrok, recognizable by their iconic double-bladed saber with a rotating circular hilt. Marrok is apparently a mercenary working for Morgan Elsbeth, one of the series antagonists who Ahsoka confronted during Star Wars: The Mandalorian.


Authors Claudia Gray and Chuck Wendig covered the intriguing political history spanning from when Leia Organa first entered politics through to her as a Resistance leader against the First Order. (Disney Lucasfilm Press, Del Rey Books)

After the Rebellion, Mon Mothma and Leia Organa each continued their careers in political leadership. The canon novels Aftermath trilogy (2015-17) by Chuck Wendig and Star Wars: Bloodline (2016) by Claudia Gray fill in some of the galaxy’s political history spanning from the Galactic Civil War to the Resistance. As the government decentralized, one notable act was the Military Disarmament Act of 4 ABY following the Battle of Jakku. The act, supported by Mon Mothma, limited the size and scope of the Republic’s military forces. However, this put Mon at odds with Leia, who believed they should stay prepared to defend against the remnants of the Empire.

Leia’s stance led to her being alienated by her political peers, and it didn’t help that she was publicly outed as Darth Vader’s daughter. Star Wars: The Mandalorian hinted at how factions within the New Republic were still at odds nearly a decade later on, mostly about who received military and financial support from the government. Ahsoka should cover more about these opposing political factions. We know Mon is in Ahsoka, and, most likely, we’ll get some mention of Leia, too.


Hamato Xiono in Star Wars Resistance (left) and in Star Wars: Ahoska (far right). (Lucasfilm)

Standing to Mon Mothma’s left during a holocall in the Ahsoka trailer is New Republic senator Hamato Xiono. Xiono is a character that first appeared in Star Wars: Resistance (2018-20), voiced by Tzi Ma. He’s the father of Kazuda Xiono, called “Kaz,” who is the central character in the two-season animated series. Resistance is set during the years leading up to Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and it includes appearances from sequel trilogy characters Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac) and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie).

Kaz is a young, up-and-coming pilot who aspires to follow in Poe’s footsteps as a Resistance pilot, and the series starts with him working as a mechanic at an Outer Rim refueling station as a cover for spying on the First Order. Kaz isn’t born until 14 ABY, and Ahsoka will span 9-12 ABY, so there’s no chance we’ll see a young Kaz anywhere in this series. But perhaps we’ll get to know his father a little better.



In the trailers for Ahsoka, we’ve seen the E-wing escort fighter in action, particularly on Lothal, where Sabine races alongside one riding a speeder bike. The E-wing originally appeared in the Legends Star Wars: Dark Empire comic series (1991-92), and it popped up in the non-canon LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. Looking like a hybrid between an X-wing fighter and Star Trek: Voyager‘s Delta Flyer, the E-wing may be new to most viewers, but it’s not new to Star Wars. Starfighter enthusiasts have been excited to see the E-wing’s live action debut in Ahsoka after spotting it in the trailers.

Next up are some people and things with a high probability of either appearing or being referenced within Ahsoka based on their proximity to the series lore.


Ezra, wearing an Imperial patrol trooper uniform, looks on as the Mortis gods mural on the Lothal Jedi Temple transforms. (Lucasfilm)

In The Clone Wars, an arc takes Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka to Mortis, a realm of the Force outside time and space. There, they met the Mortis gods, who are archetypes representing aspects of the Force: the Daughter being the light side, the Son being the dark side, and the Father being the careful balance between them. In the Clone Wars arc, the Daughter gives her life to save Ahsoka. Later, in Rebels, a painting of the Mortis gods on the Lothal Jedi Temple forms a puzzle that Sabine and Ezra solve, unlocking the World Between Worlds.

While in that realm, Ezra encounters a green and white convor who is depicted with the Daughter in the mural. That convor, named Morai, has been Ahsoka’s close friend since the Daughter saved her, and she often appears when Ahsoka is near. Morai draws Ezra’s attention to the portal where he saves Ahsoka from being killed on Malachor. I hope that Morai will appear in some way in the Ahsoka series. Either way, I suspect that Ahsoka‘s exploration of old Jedi temples will likely drop references to the Mortis gods.


Carson Teva (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) faces a mix of skepticism and apathy when presenting his case for Nevarro to the New Republic. (Lucasfilm)

Carson Teva is a New Republic pilot introduced in The Mandalorian. During The Mandalorian Season 3, Teva travels to Coruscant to advocate for the people of Nevarro to the New Republic, requesting support to help them take their town back from pirates. But Teva is turned down since Nevarro is independent and there’s already a backlog of requests from New Republic worlds. When Teva shared concerns about Moff Gideon’s activity in the area, he was met with skepticism, even though the shuttle carrying Gideon had never made it to his tribunal.

Based on Teva’s conversation with Zeb, it’s clear that defense forces like Teva are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to getting the New Republic’s help for people in need. Given that Teva was inclined to accept mercenary help from Din Djarin for tasks he couldn’t rely on the New Republic to do, it’s clear that Teva has a desire to serve and protect people that goes beyond government loyalty. I would say the chance is high that he could pop into Ahsoka, even if just for a moment.


Ryder Azadi from Star Wars: Rebels (left) was voiced by and seemingly designed to resemble actor Clancy Brown (right). (Lucasfilm, IMDb)

Ryder Azadi was the governor of Lothal before the Empire’s occupation, and he was part of the fight to take Lothal back from the Empire during Rebels. Azadi was not only performed by the fantastic Clancy Brown, but the character appears to have been designed to look like Brown himself. That’s why it wouldn’t surprise to see Brown in a live action Ryder cameo in Ahsoka. I suspect such a cameo would correspond to scenes with Sabine on Lothal, particularly if Ryder resumed his position as governor there.


Shara Bey during the Rebellion and her son Poe Dameron during the Resistance. (CBR, Lucasfilm)

The sequel trilogy’s Poe Dameron could get a reference in Ahsoka, even if we don’t see him. Across multiple Star Wars comics, we get the canon story of Poe’s parents, Kes Dameron and Shara Bey, who were part of the Rebel Alliance. They settled on Yavin 4 after the battle there. Poe’s mother, Shara, was a legendary A-wing pilot during the Rebellion, and she most likely fought alongside Hera Syndulla. Plus, Poe, who was born in 2 ABY, is only two years younger than Hera’s son Jacen Syndulla, increasing the likelihood that the two kids met while their parents were working. We know we’ll be seeing both Hera and Jacen in Ahsoka, but could we see a young Poe hanging out with Jacen, too? It’s one of the many ways Ahsoka could tie in the sequel trilogy lore.


Hondo Ohnaka (right) tries to persuade a skeptical Ezra Bridger in this scene from Star Wars: Rebels. (Lucasfilm)

Hondo Ohnaka is a Weequay pirate with connections across the galaxy. He and the Ohnaka gang were a menace during the Clone Wars, and Hondo himself buddied up to Ezra Bridger during Rebels. Ezra developed an understanding of Hondo’s nature, and he earned the pirate’s trust by applying his street smarts to gain an advantage in a situation. Ezra wasn’t shy about calling out Hondo on his antics.

In spite of his chronic untrustworthiness, Hondo did come through in helping the rebels through some tight spots during Rebels, earning him repeated business from the Ghost crew. From Disney’s theme park lore, we know that after the Rebellion, Hondo established a shipping company, Ohnaka Transport Solutions, at Black Spire Outpost (BSO) on Batuu in the Outer Rim. Given Hondo’s network of shadowy contacts and BSO being the last outpost before entering the Unknown Regions, it’s possible that Hera and Sabine could contact Hondo to aid in their search for Ezra.

Sidenote: Hondo was performed in Clone Wars and Rebels by the incredible Jim Cummings, who also voices the animatronic Hondo at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks. Because Hondo is one of my favorite Star Wars characters, I would be ecstatic to see him in Ahsoka or other live action productions, particularly if they can find a way for Cummings to deliver the performance.

There are a few other things I could give you notes about associated with fan speculation and theory. But since there are no solid connections suggesting that we’ll get references to those things in Ahsoka, I’ll leave you here and throw you a bonus article for anything that comes to pass out of Speculation Land!

Have our Ahsoka prep notes been useful to you? Anything I skipped that we should have mentioned? Join us as a member here at Couch Soup (IT’S FREE!) and drop in a comment here! Also, don’t miss our weekly podcast series, Ahsoka Chronicles, every Friday during the Ahsoka series, where we break down and react to each episode. I’ll be there! I hope you will, too!

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